I’m so excited, I could squirt!!!

Sorry…. As a fan of 80s sitcoms, I couldn’t resist that little quote from ALF 😉 (which only a geek would know about, but… anyways…)

I just have to share how freakin’ EXCITED I am about Siranai! It is officially a screenplay now and not a novel (it may be converted into a novel someday by me but we shall see about that). I know this is just the writer speaking but I think we may have a winner here.

I am trying to make it as true-fantasy as possible–in other words, no Americanisms or other such unattractive boo-boos are allowed. I really want people to get caught up in the land of Benedaea and its people (the characters). It feels like such a real place to me and I can’t wait to reveal it scene by scene to the rest of the world. You really won’t want to miss out on this. It’s not even me that’s writing it; this story is writing itself.

I am going to post another teaser sometime in the next couple weeks, once I can find a really good scene to show off that won’t give too many of the plot twists away. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m taking a little inspiration from the show “Once Upon a Time” but not enough to be actually stealing their intellectual property. It’s not the stories that are similar, just the vibes. This story literally gives me chill bumps sometimes. It is that awesome.

Get ready for another taste of “Siranai” in the near future! It’s truly going to be epic!

P.S.–Just to clarify: the “teaser” will be just an excerpt from the written screenplay, not an actual trailer. Unfortunately that is long in the future haha.


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