New Year’s Goals!!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I hope you all had a marvelous 2011 and will have a fantastic 2012!

Before I share my goals for the New Year with you, I would like to explain one of the items on the list. “CollegePlus” is a program that partners with a college in New Jersey to provide online education for a variety of different fields, one of which is music. It is an accelerated program that costs much less than regular college and it seems like God might be directing me to take advantage of this opportunity. If I do this I should have a fully accredited music degree in 3 years or less (once I start the program).

Here is the website for anyone who may be completely confused by what I just said or wants more information–

With that out of the way, here are my goals and desires for 2012! 🙂

I hope to—

~Save $1000 towards CollegePlus and win some sort of scholarship or prize to make up the difference so I can begin CollegePlus in 2013.

~Lose 20 lbs. or more by December 31, 2012.

~Finish and perform an original song (original lyrics and music).

~Finish a screenplay, series, or novel.

~Stay on track and finish my Life Application Bible reading plan.

~Make at least 5 new friends (and I don’t just mean Facebook friends, REAL friends like the ones I met this year!).

~Keep my job and possibly find a new one.

~If God wills, meet Mr. Right 😉

~Establish strong, open, pure relationships with everyone in my life.

~Get settled in the right church with the right group of friends (whatever that may mean).

~Serve Yahweh in whatever I do.


What are your goals? I hope you achieve them and find happiness in the coming year! Cheers to 2012!!


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