New Hope

Every year on December 30, I journal what happened in the past year and how it changed me. Then on the 31st, I journal my goals for the brand new year ahead. This year’s 12/30 journal would have been very depressing if I had only recorded what actually happened. “I tried this school, but it didn’t work out.” “I couldn’t find a steady job until October.” “I broke up with my boyfriend.” “We struggled for money all year.” “I never finished my novel.” “I gained back most of the weight I lost.”

But instead of just writing all that (and depressing myself) I also wrote about all the amazing people I met this year and the good things I learned through my experiences. The end of 2011 finds me in a new mindset about life. I feel like the whole world has opened before me. I have none of the burdens I was carrying around last year; I have different ones now, but they’re not so terrible. Mostly I just have to wait for a while for things to get better and do my part to make sure they do. It may sound crazy to be rejoicing in my troubles and trials, but I am. I am coming out on the other side as a stronger, more complete person with a little less of the undesirable stuff–like greed, weakness, and shallowness.

My prayer for the new year is that things will get better and I will make real progress toward my goals. Tomorrow I will post my dreams and goals for the new year, and I hope that everyone who reads my blog will feel free to share as well 🙂


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