Out of School! ….now what??

Christmas break has finally arrived!! And with it comes some time off and some time to really think about where I want to be 10 years from now. It seems like most of the writing I’m doing right now is song lyrics, and I also write music, so if I can just find a way to fit the two together I might be onto something. I’ve about decided that I need to either go to school part-time or not at all right now. I have a plan in mind but I’m hesitant to reveal it until I know for sure it’s going to work, so sorry, I won’t be divulging just yet 😉 Rest assured that I have thought through all the angles and narrowed it down based on what I feel led to do. I will not give up until I’m finished!

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post in my blog a lot more now that I’m lightening my school load. My writing and composing is everything to me and I’ve lost that recently. I need to get it back, even if it means slowing down on other, less important things. I’m also hoping to start posting about other things besides just “me,” so cutting back on my school load will help with that too. Nothing in my plan is concrete right now but anyone who knows me knows that that’s nothing new. I’m a free spirit by nature, and no amount of traditional schooling (or traditional anything else) is going to change that.

Here’s to nice, long, hopefully productive break! 🙂


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