My original intent in beginning a blog was to keep practicing my writing skills constantly so I wouldn’t lose them. It’s time for another one of those posts, which I will use to also explain why no one has heard anything about Siranai lately.

I have  been stuck on one particular plot twist now for what seems like forever. Don’t ask me why; the stories create themselves, I’m just the writer. Apparently this story is having a hard time progressing right now. In the mean time, I’ve been having a good time at cosmetology school, but I’m severely missing my writing (plus I’ve developed a back problem) so I’m going to change over to studying English next semester. I’m hoping I will gain some new inspiration from the study of great works from the past.

By the way, for everyone who read my most recent blog post (which got sent to the trash twice due to a series of events), I apologize for trashing it if you liked it and I apologize for not thinking it through very well if you didn’t. Either way it’s history now, and I fully plan to avoid posting embarrassing events from my personal life in the future. It was a good lesson in “inappropriate disclosure” for me.

I am hoping Siranai will restart itself soon. Stay tuned 🙂


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