Steve Jobs

To be completely honest, at first I could not figure out who this “Steve Jobs” was that everyone was posting about on Facebook. I knew he was some kind of public figure, I had heard his name before, but I really had no clue that he existed. Not until I read his Wikipedia and heard some more about him through the news did I realize, “Wow. This man was a genius.”

He invented the Apple computer, the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad; all of which are brilliant pieces of technology. Some have even called him “the Thomas Edison of our generation.” But why are we all mourning this man we’ve never even met? How could one man change the world as we know it?

First of all, I see an enormous amount of confidence radiating from the very life of Steve Jobs. He knew this was going to happen; not just wondered, not just hoped–knew. He knew himself, his abilities, and wasn’t afraid to show himself to the world. He knew that his products were revolutionary and that what he had to offer was valuable.

Secondly, he was just chock-full of talent. Not only did he revolutionize technology, he transformed the whole face of the entertainment industry. He had a huge hand in the rise of Pixar, which as everyone knows changed animation as we know it. The iPhone by Apple, Inc. has been imitated by nearly every cell phone company in the nation because we now crave to watch music videos, surf the net, and watch high-definition TV (sometimes Pixar films) on a touch-screen phone (or other portable device). Between Pixar and Apple, our expectations of entertainment have skyrocketed in the 21st century. You have to be as good or better than them to get our attention.

But the main thing we see when we look at Steve Jobs’ life is that he was a visionary. He was not born to privilege–unless you count the in-born privilege of having the guts to do something. He saw what he wanted to do, and he went after it. He had the same thing Walt Disney had that led him to fame; ideas. Ideas are beautiful things. They bring greatness out of ordinary people. Steve Jobs was just an ordinary person with an extraordinary idea. He went for it, which is what made him great.

So we salute you, Steve Jobs. And hope for the guts to pursue our own great ideas.

Sources: Wikipedia, CNBC video “Steve Jobs Profile” (, other internet sources


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