Siranai Update

My pet project is coming along wonderfully. In one month I have written 60 pages (62 pages if you count the title page and table of contents), containing 15,929 words. That’s an average of 2 pages or 500 words per day. If I keep this up, I should surpass my goal of 50,000 words by December 1st. My hope is to have completed the manuscript by Christmas and begin the intensive editing process next year (I’ve already done some editing, but of course not all that I’d like).

I’m trying to think of this novel as if it were the human body. First I’m going to construct the “skeleton” of the story: the major events that make it worth reading and exciting. After I finish that, I’m going to add the “muscle”: the humorous occasions, descriptions, and small scenes that fill in the gaps and really round it out. Then finally I’ll put on the finishing touches, or “skin”: putting in creative wording and smoothing out sections that may not flow as well as I’d like. It’s going to be a long process but the time I’m putting into it now is an investment for the future–not to mention a pleasure, because I love to write.

(Psst! This book may or may not morph into a series, so stay tuned.)

Here is the description of Siranai for anyone who may have missed it (I changed a couple things since I first posted it)–

“My current project is a fantasy novel about the fictional kingdom of Siranai in the land of Benedaea. It is ruled by the Benedaun; a race of humans chosen by a council of spirits to have special powers which enable them to rule skillfully and almost perfectly. Something goes wrong though, and Siranai’s government is overthrown by the Maladaun, which is a race created by rebel spirits who are trying to ‘take back’ the known world (where they had once ruled in chaos until The Council stepped in). Mati Kurnalan, 15, is the only living heir to the throne but does not know it until her mother returns from 15 years of hiding. While her mother was gone, Mati fell in love with Darek, a servant boy, who disappears mysteriously on his way to fight for freedom. Will Darek ever be found? Will Mati put aside her own sorrow and become a great leader, or allow her circumstances to defeat her? Will the kingdom ever be put to rights again?”


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