My Small Tribute to the Fallen of 9/11

God bless America and all who grieve this September morning. May your hearts be filled with hope.


One Calm September Morning

by N. Lingarow


One calm September morning

A tragedy took place

One that splattered history

With blood it can’t erase

It started with a plane ride

Bound for California

Everything began as planned

But something went astray

“I think we’re getting hijacked”

The flight attendant said

And 27 minutes later

New York was painted red


A “tremendous boom,” and flames, and smoke

Alerted all to threat

The North Tower had been struck

But the worst hadn’t happened yet

Another plane swooped from the sky

And hit the second tow’r

And a third one hit the Pentagon

Revealing thirst for pow’r

The second tower then collapsed

The number killed was grave

But one plane that was hijacked

Was deterred by heroes brave


They crashed in Pennsylvania

And saved so many lives

But then the other tow’r collapsed

And few inside survived

After 9/11

Our nation fought a war

A war against the terror

That the evil have in store

Courageous men and women

Have given up their lives

In honor of those who suffered

From September’s awful crimes


On this September morning

America is free

We honor firemen, police,

And those in the army

We honor all who’ve fallen

And comfort those in grief

And we thank God for what He’s done

Preserving our country

We bonded all together

Through blood, sweat, and debris

And America’s safe this morning

10 years later, we’re still free


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