Interval Running–A Poem

Looks like a city beneath my pounding feet
Its charcoal and sparkling stones
Strangely beautiful
The cracks tell a story
Years old
Of a different time, different place
I try not to step on them
For they are sacred

Feels like a well-oiled machine, at first
Every bone, every joint, every muscle working in harmony
Then as the hill gets steeper, I feel the pull
Of gravity and lethargy
Telling me I should go home
My mind screams, “No!”
Ignoring the pounding of my heart
And the weakness in my limbs
I started this, and there’s no turning back

Is like the CPU for my body
Anything my mind does, my body will do also
I let nothing take my mind off the prize
My health, my happiness
These are the prize for which I strive
And I see in my mind’s eye
My beautiful self, 5 years from now
Looking back at me with a smile


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