Organizing Life

Life tends to = chaos most of the time. Some people appear super orderly with their lives and the rest of us watch in awe with our mouths hanging open because we can’t figure out how they do it. Maybe they do have it all together, or maybe they just look like they do. Either way, I am definitely not one of those people.

I’m currently ignoring my messy house while my son is napping. Bad housewife. *slaps own wrist*

I guess the reason I’m writing this is more for my own personal benefit. I need to organize my priorities because my life is going to get crazy in the spring when I’m a full-time mom, part-time student, part-time employee at a retail store, and part-time writer. I don’t know why I always end up with too much on my plate (happens at buffets all the time) but I’m really worried that that’s going to be the case once I start my classes.

So here it goes… This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I figured I’d just cover the basics.


#1 Priority: Family

Sounds like a cliché, but family is definitely #1 on my list. My husband and my son come first no matter what. I decided to only work part-time during evenings and weekends because I refuse to put my son in daycare, especially considering all the day care scandals in the news lately. Unfortunately that takes a toll on my time with my husband, but he has been a good sport about it and we know this phase in our lives is only temporary.

Things that fall under this category–

  • Family time
  • Husband/wife dates (very important)
  • Choosing a job with the right work schedule
  • Keeping up the house
  • Savoring the moment

#2 Priority: Finances

I handle the budget in our house and it can be more challenging than I anticipated when I first started doing it. Deciding where money goes and why is a huge responsibility. Our goal is to purchase the house/land we are currently renting (which is a beautiful and ideal location for us) and in order to do that, we need to pay some stuff off.

Things that fall under this category–

  • Working
  • Sticking to a budget
  • Looking for odd jobs to boost income
  • Couponing
  • Making temporary sacrifices

#3 Priority: Fulfillment

I can’t really explain why I know I’m going to make it in the writing world someday… I just do. So even if I’m just brainstorming in my head as I’m doing the dishes or the laundry, I’m working toward that goal whenever and however I can. I still haven’t really finished a novel or a script yet (the closest I’ve come was basically a novella) but I’m never giving up on this dream because I will never be fully satisfied until I achieve it.

Things that fall under this category–

  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Reading books (for research)
  • School (taking writing/business/psychology courses)
  • Listening to music (for research… hint hint)
  • Watching TV (also for research if I decide to write a script)

#4 Priority: Fun

Everybody needs to take some time to just have fun. I like playing phone and computer games in my downtime. If I have an entire day to devote to it I’ll read a book, because once I’ve started a good book I have to finish it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had many days like that lately. I guess I need to just train myself to put a book down and be patient until the next opportunity I have to read it.

Things that fall under this category–

  • Gaming
  • Listening to music (for fun)
  • Reading books (for fun)
  • Watching TV/movies (for fun)
  • Other entertainment


So those are my priorities. What are yours?




P.S., more hints about my current project to come ;) And maybe more than just hints if I feel like it!

It’s been FOREVER!

I am sitting here, almost a year and a half after my last post in this blog, and I cannot believe I abandoned my readers for so long. Let me just say I am SO SORRY! Life happened… I ran out of inspiration… You probably all forgot about me but I need to get back into the writing world. I miss it. I CRAVE it.

My baby boy is about to wake up so I have to make this quick… Oh wait! I never told you about him!

Here’s the new addition to my family (with Mommy and Daddy)–


So yeah, I’ve been extraordinarily busy obsessing over pregnancy and baby stuff. However, my passion and creativity has finally returned and you’ll never believe what kind of stories I’m writing now… They’re totally different (and hopefully MUCH better).

Sorry to leave you hanging, but I’ll have to tell you more about it next time. Tootles!


Time to Dejumblify

Alright, I know you’re not supposed to do this during Camp NaNo but… I looked back. I read what I had written and reread and reread it. I liked it, but I had hit a wall. The storyline was not going to work the way I had tried to force it to. I felt defeated and disappointed. Yet another attempt at this novel, failed.

I texted my husband–

“Ok I really thought this book was going to work but I think I’ve hit some fatal errors. It’s seeming stupid to me now”

He asked me what I meant and I told him, and for the next few minutes we discussed what was wrong and how I could fix it. Little-known secret: behind every good writer is a spouse who came up with all the good ideas in the first place.

Long story short: I’m having to rework this if I want to move forward at all. The cords got twisted together; they’re good cords, but I’m going to have to reorganize them if I want to know what connects to what. This is a setback, but hopefully it will be a minor one because I can still use parts of my current rough draft.

Time to dejumblify my ideas… which basically means make them not so jumbled anymore.


Do Your Research

Okay, so it’s the first day of Camp NaNo, and my writing passion has blazed like a burning fire for the past week. I believe Alli Day is back, and I may not have time to blog every day, but I definitely want to keep this up. There’s nothing like a rekindling after a long, dark period of nothing but ashes.

One thing I have had revealed to me within the past few months is that if you want to be a good writer, you HAVE to do your research. It is a must, because if you don’t it will show and people will read your work and say, “This writer has no idea what he/she is talking about.” That is not a thing that any writer wants said about them. It suggests that you’re either lazy, dumb, or don’t know any better.

If you decide to do your research, it is going to take time. Probably a long time. For me it has taken almost a year, but in that year my knowledge of my chosen subject has become 10 times richer and deeper. It was so worth it, and now I feel that I have the knowledge and the resources to actually write a good book.

So far I have written over 4,000 words in my novel, 1,882 for Camp NaNo. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start! Happy Monday!


491 Words!!

Okay, I know 491 words in a fantasy novel is barely a drop in the bucket. I do realize that. HOWEVER, this is the most good material I’ve written in my novel in like, months, because it’s taken so long to revamp the storyline.

I’m actually WRITING!!!

And I’m going to use Camp NaNoWriMo again this year to help motivate me to write. If you don’t know what that is, here’s the address–

I’m hoping to get to 25,000 words by the end of April and after that I’ll re-evaluate. I really hope this works this time, I jokingly named my outline “Novel #14250″ because it feels like I’ve tried to write it that many times. So excitamicated right now. Yay!

Hope you all have a fantabulous week :) (Why yes, I do love using words that don’t really exist…)



Stasis–A Poem

I have been going through a long period of stasis in my writing and in my professional life. Nothing I do seems to pan out and it’s very frustrating being unemployed when you want to work so badly. This is a poem I wrote about my “stuck” feelings. If it gets enough feedback I may post a video of myself performing it as a dramatic reading :)



A poem by Alli Day



Like a wild animal

Clawing at the bars

Gazing at the lock

Reaching for the key

Can’t move

Give up

Go to sleep and start again tomorrow



Feet in the quicksand

Trying to escape

Crying out for help

Wishing words would come

Can’t scream

Give up

Let the blackness suck you in and steal your soul



Fire has fizzled out

Ashes all around

Smoke has gone away

Bitter, cold wind comes

Can’t reignite the flame



There’s still a spark!

Don’t give in!

Don’t let the cold world freeze your heart!

New Project-“The Story I’m Afraid to Write”

I am still trying to get this darn fantasy novel off the ground, but I realized something just recently–all along, the story I’ve been needing to write has been locked away safely in my mind, crying to get out, but I wouldn’t let it. Why, you ask?

Because it’s my story.

My life has been riddled with obstacles that many people in the US and all over the world face today. My parents separated when I was 12 and got divorced a few years later. I have an autistic brother, whom I love very dearly, but the rest of the world doesn’t understand him. My grandfather, the beloved patriarch of my mother’s side of the family, died of cancer when I was 14. I’ve been overweight my entire life and am still struggling against obesity and all the junk food/drink we are bombarded with in today’s world. Because of my obesity and general social awkwardness, I was bullied as a child. On top of it all, I was part of a religion that was not able to provide me with help and real answers to my problems, but instead pushed me around even more and used my deepest, darkest fears to manipulate me… even telling me that psychiatrists/psychologists were “of the devil” so I would only use the counseling they provided. All of those things and more have left me with deep psychological issues I’m going to have to deal with for the rest of my life.

It is my dream to help the people around me overcome the same obstacles that I have overcome in the past and will overcome in the future, particularly children and teenagers. My generation and the generation after me have such a complex world to take care of when we “grow up” and our parents are in the nursing home. So much damage has been done by ignorance and downright wickedness in this world. If I can bring a little understanding and wisdom to my generation through the lessons I’ve learned, why am I selfishly keeping my knowledge hidden away?

Because it hurts. It is excruciatingly painful to dig into your past and pull out the hurts you’ve tried so hard to forget–bullying, abandonment, betrayal, loss–the list is mountainous… but someone needs to tell this generation that it is not okay.

It’s not okay to make fun of people because their problems are different from yours or you don’t understand them. It’s not okay to publicly humiliate people or abuse them because it makes you look bigger. It’s not alright to get so caught up in your own desires that your spouse and your children become your last priority. Children need fathers. People need friends. Special needs children and adults need to be understood and they need a voice. My story speaks to nearly everyone, and it would be selfish of me not to write it.

Stay tuned for more news on my newest project, “The Story I’m Afraid to Write.”

(Disclaimer: I will be changing the names and some details to protect the identities of the actual people in the story.)

~Alli Day

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